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San Antonio Wildlife Services

Do you have rats in your kitchen? Perhaps there are raccoons nesting in your attic? Birds and bats scratching around in your chimney and vents?

Wildlife X Team® San Antonio knows that animal removal can be expensive and take a long time, but we can help! We can get, and keep, the wildlife creatures out—for good. Some common services we pride ourselves on include:

  • Wildlife trapping
  • Wildlife exclusion
  • Sanitation and waste clean-up

Contact Wildlife X Team today for wildlife removal help.

Need raccoon removal? Our wildlife removal specialists will remove raccoons from your home and give advice on the best ways to deter them with repellents and other preventative methods.

Rodent problems plaguing your home? Wildlife X Team® San Antonio specializes in getting rid of rats and mice, especially through use of repellents and deterrents. We can also assist with sanitation and waste removal from a mouse infestation, including attic insulation and restoration. Learn more about mouse traps, glue boards, rat poison and other methods by calling us today!

Need to know how to get rid of squirrels? The team at Wildlife X Team® San Antonio know how to effectively trap and remove squirrels, and prevent squirrels from coming back.

Opossum under your porch? These unhygienic marsupials often trespass into garages and yards in San Antonio. Please call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio for assistance in getting rid of opossum and keep them from coming back.

Unidentified droppings in your home? Take a look at our list of wildlife dropping hazards and Dos and Don'ts.

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