Energy Efficiency

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Radiant Barrier in San Antonio Attic

Having a hard time keeping your San Antonio home cool? Do you have rooms that are hotter/cooler than others? Are your electric bills always higher than your neighbors'? Look no further! Let X Team Home Services of San Antonio give you a Complimentary Energy Assessment. We have over twenty years experience in making homes energy efficient, more comfortable, less dusty, and less expensive to operate!

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Radiant Barrier

The science behind the radiant barrier's effectiveness is pretty simple—it keeps heat out in hot weather and traps warm air in during cooler months. It won't be long before the Texas sun turns our San Antonio homes into energy sucking sweat boxes. You can head off the discomfort and higher energy bills by installing a Radiant Barrier in your home before the heat hits. Our financing plans make it easy!

Attic Seal

Hot air rises. Without air-sealing your attic, you are allowing warm air to escape from your home carrying with it your hard-earned winter heating money. Most people just add insulation to their attic—this will not stop the escaping warm air. The EPA estimates that the typical American home has enough leaks, holes and gaps to be equal to an open window every day of the year. That is significant. 

We need to seal the air in our conditioned living space from the unconditioned attic space. Every attic needs proper ventilation. We are not stopping the proper air exchange in the attic—we are only stopping the exchange between the house and the attic.

Radiant Barrier in San Antonio Attic

Attic Tents

Attic tents are insulation covers for your attic access door. They help stop the heat gain or heat loss in your home, depending on the season. In the hot weather months, heat from your attic trickles down into the rooms you’re trying to air condition, increasing the cooling costs for the house. In the cold months, the heat will rise into the attic, increasing your heating expenses.

A common location for this air transfer to happen is your pull-down attic stairs. Attic stairs are uninsulated, allowing easy heat flow between your home and your attic. Over time, the seal around the stairs can break down as well, leaving space for air flow between the rooms.

Some benefits of having an attic tent installed by X Team Home Services of San Antonio:

  • Tents reflect 97%of Radiant heat, giving them an R-Value of 14.5.
  • Constructed of 2 layers of Aluminum with bubble insulation inside; the air bubble layer helps in blocking the heat transmission.
  • Prevents moisture issues from temperature differences in the attic.
  • Acts as a barrier to prevent dust or pollutants from entering your home.

When trying to properly install attic insulation to keep energy bills down, an attic tent is essential. 

Can Light Covers

  • Because the electronic components of can lights get hot, you need to keep insulation away from them. This poses a problem for attic insulation because this leaves a large hole for hot air transfer into your attic, which raises your energy bill. To solve this, we can install can light covers. Can light covers offer the following benefits:

  • Thermally-tested according to UL 1598 for usage with IC and Non-IC rated lights

  • Saves energy by eliminating draft through your recessed light fixture

  • Keeps flammable insulation at a safe distance from hot recessed lights

  • Made out of fire resistant mineral wool

Our team at X Team Home Services of San Antonio can install can light covers for you to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Common Home Leaks to Seal to Improve Home Comfort

Other common locations for attic leaks include the following:

  • Wiring holes
  • Plumbing and pipe holes
  • Soffits that are open to the attic
  • Furnace flue
  • Furnace duct chase way 

To ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible, call X Team Home Services of San Antonio to evaluate these areas of your home.

Radiant Barrier in AtticRadiant Barrier in Attic