Many people underestimate foxes as wild creatures capable of damage because of their beautiful appearance. These small dog-like creatures are nimble and clever, and just like other wildlife, they can cause lots of damage in your yard. Foxes digging in your yard and targeting livestock and pets as meals make up the bulk of issues when it comes to foxes. Like opossums, most fox damage occurs outside your San Antonio home. We don't recommend handling foxes, as they can carry and transmit diseases like rabies and mange. Instead, call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio at 830.253.2810 immediately to avoid any fox damage and repair fox damage that has already occurred. 

Fox Removal Services in San Antonio

Fox Sitting On Rocks in San AntonioLive Oak, Universal City, Leon Valley, Selma, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Schertz, Timberwood Park, Boerne, Cibolo, Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Shavano Park, Fredericksburg, Spring Branch, Fair Oaks & Alamo Heights residents looking for local fox removal, look no further. Keep foxes out of your yard with a call to the fox trapping professionals at Wildlife X Team® San Antonio. Some common fox damage that may require fox removal services and damage repair include: 

  • When foxes dig holes in your yard searching for food like insects, the landscape damage can be similar to that of moles: expensive and potentially dangerous.
  • Fox dens are created by extensive burrowing, which compromises and weakens the structural integrity of buildings.
  • Foxes often target small livestock animals like chickens and also domestic pets like cats or small dogs.
  • Parasites/diseases like rabies, mange & more.

San Antonio Fox Trapping & Control

Keeping foxes off your property is integral to the safety of your pets and family. Though foxes don't usually attack humans, their damage is still quite apparent. Trust Wildlife X Team® San Antonio for the best fox trapping, removal, and prevention in the greater San Antonio area. The experts at Wildlife X Team® San Antonio will help you remove foxes from your property and keep them from returning. Call 830.253.2810 today!