Did you know opossums, America's only marsupial, are one of the major reasons that tick numbers stay under control? It's true—opossums are often referred to as nature's garbage disposal due to their affinity for eating mostly anything. This is one of the reasons we don't recommend interacting with them; opossums are quite unhygienic and can transmit several diseases.

Most San Antonio residents don't want these lumbering creatures on their property or nesting under their deck (similar to a raccoon). For full-service, professional opossum removal and trapping in the Live Oak, Universal City, Leon Valley, Selma, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Schertz, Timberwood Park, Boerne, Cibolo, Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Shavano Park, Fredericksburg, Spring Branch, Fair Oaks & Alamo Heights areas, call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio today at 210.502.3800!

Opossum in Live Trap

Why Do I Have Opossums On My Property?

While opossums (known more commonly, though erroneously, as possums) do provide many benefits to the ecosystem, one side effect of being "nature's garbage disposal" is that they will eat almost anything, including compost piles, the contents of open garbage cans, and pet food. This is likely what's drawing them to your property, and once they've decided your property is a good source of food, they won't be volunteering to leave on their own.

Common Opossum Problems

  • Presence inside barns and outbuildings
    • They may find their way in accidentally, or they might be taking advantage of other present opportunities, like chicken eggs.
  • Opossums in the attic
    • Like their fellow wildlife critters raccoons, rodents and bats, opossums often sneak into attics in search of shelter.
  • Opossums in the wall
    • Your wall is another area in which opossums will look for shelter. Often times, opossums may die in your wall and you won't realize the source of the smell.
  • Attacking pets and livestock
    • Opossums are not known for being extremely confrontational, but they have been known to attack pets, livestock and even humans.
  • Parasite/disease transmission, to both humans and pets
    • Opossums are known carriers of leptospirosis, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis and more.

Professional Opossum Removal—Get Rid of Opossums!

Opossum control in San Antonio

We do not recommend interacting with opossums because the ticks/parasites and their disease-spreading capability can be hazardous to your well-being. Don't worry—we offer worry-free opossum removal and trapping in San Antonio.

We will also repair any opossum damage to your home or property and make sure the opossums do not return. Get rid of opossums in your San Antonio yard with a call to 210.502.3800 today!