Squirrels may be the most commonly seen creature in the suburban outdoors, but they belong there, not in your San Antonio home. Often times, squirrels will be on the hunt for food and shelter if it is scarce outside; this is what draws them to your home. Did you know squirrels can get into holes less than two inches wide? They can also claw their way into homes through damaged soffits and eaves, but we can help prevent this. Wildlife X Team® San Antonio will work diligently to remove squirrels, clean up squirrel damage, and make sure you don't get squirrels in your home in the future. Call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio at 830.253.2810 today to solve your squirrel removal problems.

What Kind of Damage Do Squirrels Cause?

Squirrel Chimney Entry Point in San AntonioOne of the most common squirrel complaints we hear about regarding squirrels is the damage they can cause inside your Live Oak, Universal City, Leon Valley, Selma, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Schertz, Timberwood Park, Boerne, Cibolo, Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Shavano Park, Fredericksburg, Spring Branch, Fair Oaks & Alamo Heights home. Squirrels in the attic and squirrels inside the walls are common squirrel nesting areas. Squirrels also:

  • Tear insulation to use for making nests, drastically impacting the energy efficiency of your home
  • Use attics to raise their babies, which presents an even bigger issue for removal
  • Soil rooms with urine and feces, both of which can be health hazards
  • Terrorize native songbirds and run them off birdfeeders in a search of food

How Do Squirrels Get Inside?

Compromised structures like holes in roofs, foundations, and siding allow squirrels to get into your home easily. They can also chew through shingles, siding, and get in through open windows or doors (sometimes by accident). Chimneys are another weak point through which the rodents gain entry.

How to Get Ride of Squirrels

While there are a few squirrel prevention techniques you can take as a homeowner, the heavy lifting of squirrel removal should be left to the professionals.

When we make a plan for squirrel removal on your property, we start by determining how they’re entering your home in the first place. Common places for squirrels to enter your home include through the attic, the walls, or through small holes on the roof. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, that’s another place that squirrels can enter through. Next, we set traps and one-way doors to effectively remove the squirrels from your home. These temporary solutions set us up for the permanent solutions later in the process.

Squirrel Traps

Traps allow us to lure squirrels into metal cages so we can release them back into nature and away from your home.

One-Way Doors

Another method of removing squirrels from your home is via one way doors. When the squirrels leave your home to get food or for other reasons, they will not be able to get back inside. This is a safe and humane way of removing squirrels from your home.


We install prevention methods to keep the squirrels from coming back. This includes chimney caps and other sealant methods. We want to limit the squirrel’s accessibility to your attic and home in the future.

Damage Repair

It’s highly possible, and likely, that the squirrels created some damage to your home during their visit. They may bite your walls, leave trash or urine around, tear wires, damage pipes, and can cause health problems in your home. A big concern for a squirrel invasion is the electrical disruptions they can cause. This can be a source for home fires in your home, which is very dangerous and destructive.

Common points of squirrel damage:

  • Damage to the attic – Squirrels love the warm and safe environment your attic provides for them. If there’s a hole about an inch wide, they will squeeze themselves into it. Loose soffits and fascia make for an easy entry point for the critters. Once inside your attic, they will move in the necessary supplies to make it cozy—think branches, leaves, and dirt. The squirrel will also chew on your insulation to make its nest as cozy as possible.
  • Chewed wire – Squirrels love to chew your electrical wiring, which can cause outages, damaged appliances, and fire hazards.
  • Damaged pipes – Squirrels will also chew through your PVC pipe, resulting in leaks in your home.
  • Feces and urine – The feces and urine that the squirrels leave behind will breed bacteria and odor. It can also carry diseases.

Call Today for Squirrel Removal!

Squirrels are a common pest in the San Antonio area. In order to fully get rid of squirrels, contact the squirrel removal professionals at Wildlife X Team® San Antonio by calling 830.253.2810. Our knowledge of squirrel behavior will allow us to apply the most effective squirrel repellents, perform fast and quality squirrel removal, and make sure your home is squirrel-proofed.

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We recently bought a home and have not been able to move in due to a horrible odor inside and under the home. We called Wildlife XTeam and Adam came as scheduled and removed a dead skunk from the crawl space of the home. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, took time to deodorizer the contaminated site and walked around the home and informed my husband on things we can do to prevent this from happening again and how we can keep other critters and bugs and spiders from coming onto our property and house. He also took the the time to call us the following day to see if our issue had been resolved. I highly recommend them should someone need an animal removed dead or alive.
Rebecca G.
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