A good number of snake species in the Live Oak, Universal City, Leon Valley, Selma, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Schertz, Timberwood Park, Boerne, Cibolo, Stone Oak, Hollywood Park, Shavano Park, Fredericksburg, Spring Branch, Fair Oaks & Alamo Heights area are not venomous, but it's wise to avoid interacting with any snake just in case. San Antonio has four common venomous snakes, including the copperhead, rattlesnake, cottonmouth, and coral snake. Because snakes cannot regulate their own body temperature and rely on the sun to do it for them, they are usually found in warm areas. Many snakes do not like to be out in the open, so they're found curled up under rocks in San Antonio yards and under porches. So whether you're facing a den of snakes on your San Antonio property or just notice one snake, Wildlife X Team® San Antonio can help—call 830.253.2810 today!

Keep Snakes Away from your San Antonio home!

Copperhead Snake in San Antonio TXJust seeing a snake is enough for many San Antonio residents to call us, but some prefer DIY removal—which we do not recommend. This can be extremely dangerous and you, your family, and pets are all in danger of being bitten, and even if not venomous, snake bites can be painful. To get snakes removed, call our office! 

Common places to find snakes:

  • Curling up in warm spots on patios or porches, to regulate their body heat
  • Hiding beneath overgrown shrubbery

Types of Venomous Snakes in San Antonio

  • Copperhead (pictured) — Adult copperheads can grow up to 36 inches long, and they're characterized by their orange and brown pattern.
  • Rattlesnake—There are upwards of three dozen species of rattlesnakes, and some have been known to grow up to 8 feet in length (diamondback rattlesnake). They're easily characterized by their rattle, used to warn approaching threats.
  • Cottonmouth—Also known as water moccasins, a fully grown cottonmouth snake can reach up to four feet in length. Cottonmouths have large, triangular heads and are brow/black in color.
  • Coral snake—With unique black and red stripes, coral snakes are thin and relatively small, only reaching up to 20 inches.

If you encounter any of these types of snakes, do not approach it and call 830.253.2810 immediately. 

San Antonio Snake Removal—Is It Really Necessary?

Just because a snake isn't venomous doesn't mean its bite can't inflict injury and pain, so please do not approach snakes in your yard or under your house. The best way to get rid of snakes is simple: give Wildlife X Team® San Antonio a call! Call 830.253.2810 to speak with a trained professional today!