Most people recognize skunks immediately by their appearance, if not their unique and stinky spray. In addition to their obvious and unfortunate defense mechanism, skunks are also likely to cause damage to your garden and landscape due to their burrowing and digging habits. If you spot a skunk on your property—or worse yet, in your home—contact the professionals at Wildlife X Team® San Antonio to get started on your skunk removal process today! Call 830.253.2810 today to get your skunk problem under control.

Skunk Problems

Striped Skunk in Live Trap

Common Skunk Problems in San Antonio

Skunks may be unassuming in appearance and even seem bumbling, but like bats, they're not to be underestimated. Some common reports of skunk problems we receive include:

Destructive Food-Seeking Behaviors 

  • Skunks are not considerate when searching for food, including one of their favorite foods, grubs. Luckily, the damage is mostly to the surface of the grass (unlike that of moles, which is more complex damage), but it can still be costly for homeowners.

Skunks In The Attic

  • Skunks dig dens outdoors under porches and decks, but are also found in attics. Like other wildlife critters, skunks are drawn to your attic because of its isolated and cozy nature.

Skunk Babies

  • One reason it's important not to address skunk removal by yourself is the presence of skunk babies. If you don't know where to look for them, it can be hard to know you've completely removed the babies, and wildlife critter babies must be handled with maximum care to ensure they're returned safely to their mother. Call a professional wildlife removal company like Wildlife X Team® San Antonio if you suspect you have skunks in your home.

What's Up with Skunk Spray?

Skunk Babies in White Container
  • Skunk spray is emitted from a skunk's anal glands when they feel threatened. The spray, composed of chemical compounds of sulfur known as thiols, is long-lasting and smells strongly of rotten eggs.
  • Skunk spray can temporarily blind its targets, which often include unfortunate pets like dogs.
  • The striped creatures can spray 10–15 feet away with great accuracy (so keep your distance!).
  • The strong odor of the spray can be detected over a mile away.

Skunk Removal: Is It Important?

Yes, it is very important to deal with skunks as soon as the problem arises. Skunks can impact landscapes and cause expensive damage to your home and yard, so call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio at 830.253.2810 today for help with the skunk removal process!