Siding Repair

Siding Damage from Wildlife Behavior

Vinyl and Wooden Siding on San Antonio Home

Animal damage to your home can appear in many different forms, including missing roof shingles or tiles, missing vents or holes in siding. Holes in your San Antonio home's siding can be unpleasant to look at and even negatively impact your home's ability to heat and cool, leading to higher energy costs. Siding damage can also encourage secondary pests like insects, if they weren't already there.

Why is My Siding Damaged?

Common culprits of siding damage include birds, squirrels & raccoons. Unfortunately, wooden siding is particularly at risk of damage.

  • Squirrels are skilled climbers and often dig their claws into your siding to gain traction and climb to your roof. Squirrels are also rabid chewers, gnawing on wooden siding to keep their teeth trimmed.
  • Birds like woodpeckers peck as a social activity but it can be extremely damaging to your siding if it is made of wood. Other birds like sparrows are infamous for nesting inside siding. 
  • Raccoons climb to your roof the same way squirrels do and can tear and rip shingles, vents, and soffits.
  • A major culprit when it comes to damaged siding and critters getting into your home is rodents. Holes in siding are not uncommon, especially if your siding is not maintained. Rodents can get into holes as small as 1/4" in diameter. Once you've identified the small cracks through which rodents can get in, we can seal them.

Vinyl siding is generally safer from animal & insect damage than wooden siding, but vinyl can still be compromised and should be protected.



Siding Repair Process—Before & After

Exposed Insulation on San Antonio HomeHome without Siding, Yellow Insulation ExposedSan Antonio Home with Repaired Siding
San Antonio Porch Before RepairSan Antonio Porch After Repair

What Goes into Fixing Siding Damage?

We're glad you asked! While siding might seem simple in theory, the work that goes into fixing siding damage is a lot more complex than you might think. Our team will use specialized tools to measure your home's exact specifications and create a plan to ensure the repair goes smoothly. Wildlife X Team® San Antonio siding repair specialists believe that repairing your home is an effective and great way to prevent animal entry or re-entry into your San Antonio home.

Siding Repair MeasurementsSiding Repair Specifications Measuring Tool for Home Repair

Examples of Siding Damage We Repair

There are a number of repairs we can make to your home, including those due to weather degradation or animal entry. See more examples of siding damage our team can repair below.

  • Siding damage near foundation—the panels in this area are particularly susceptible to weather damage or wildlife damage.
  • Water damage
  • Decaying or rotted wood
Siding Damage Near Foundation of HomeEntryway Siding Brick DegradationStructural Wooden Beam Mouse Damage


What Can Wildlife X Team® San Antonio Do To Help?

If there are wildlife visitors currently living in your siding, or using your siding as a highway to other areas of your home, we will be sure to remove them before beginning our repair process.