Roof Repair: Soffit, Eave, and Fascia

Why Do Wildlife Animals Damage Soffits, Eaves, and Fascias?

Worn soffits, eaves, and fascias on your home are like an "Open 24/7" sign for squirrels, raccoons, and other creatures. The soft, rotting wood allows for easy access to the warm attic waiting inside. By pecking and chewing through the ruined wood, animals can get into your home and cause a wide array of problems. 

This area of your roof is very vulnerable to all forms of nature: weather and wildlife. Faulty gutters or other circumstances can cause water build-up. If the water stays stagnant for long enough, rotting begins. After the weather has had its turn, the wildlife comes into play. Seeing a place of opportunity, the creatures focus on getting inside and nothing else. Squirrels can create small holes in the fascias, eaves, or fascias. Once small holes are created, nothing is stopping bigger creatures from making the hole bigger and getting inside too.

Dealing with damaged vents? Wildlife can also use this as an entry point to gain access to your home. 

Wildlife X Team® San Antonio has the right skill, knowledge, and equipment to repair any damage caused by wild animals. We can remove the animals from inside your house, fix the damage they caused making their way in, and making sure the problem doesn't happen again. We take pride in our ability to do the job and do the job right. Call Wildlife X Team® San Antonio today and we will resolve all your wildlife problems. 830.253.2810

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