Insulation Removal and Replacement

Have Wildlife Critters Ruined Your Insulation?

When animals find their way into your San Antonio attic, they can cause extensive damage from chewing, nesting, and worst of all, defecating. Removing the animals as soon as possible with professional technicians from the Wildlife X Team® San Antonio should be priority number one. Once the problem creature or creatures are removed, the hard work begins. 

Raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, or bats are the usual culprits when it comes to animals getting in and living in the attic; each of them comes with its own set of problems. However, the majority of the damage they cause affects the insulation in the attic. As the creatures burrow their way through the insulation, they ruin it in the process. While doing so, the animals' feces has nowhere else to go besides absorbing into the material. This can cause a horrible stench to develop and causes the "R" value of the insulation to decrease. 

Wildlife X Team® San Antonio has the necessary equipment and skill to remove the ruined insulation and get your attic back in shape. Our team can work with most major insurance companies to fix the damage to your insulation. By successfully installing insulation to your attic you can save money on your heating bills, energy bills, and even receive energy tax credits depending on your area. Replacing your insulation to its most effective state allows you to optimize the temperature of your home and keep your family safe from dangerous wildlife diseases. Learn more about our energy efficiency and home comfort services and contact us today to get your insulation fixed!

If you hear noises in your attic, it's absolutely essential to remove the intruding animals before they ravage it. If they do, however, our expert attic technicians have you covered. At any step of the insulation process, Wildlife X Team® San Antonio can help you out. Call us today! 830.253.2810

San Antonio Attic Restoration due to Soiled Insulation